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Profumo ai feromoni ad alta concentrazione per donna HOT twilight woman extra strong. Come sedurre un uomo facilmente! Il modo più comodo di attrarre gli uomini senza nessuno sforzo.
Formato: 10 ml



HOT PHEROMONE 'Woman' 'twilight' Extra strong. Pheromones are chemicals secreted by many living beings in order to attract the opposite sex. Enhance your power to attract with pheromones! A major part of the sexual behavior of insects and animals is driven by pheromones, which are sensed by a particular sensory organ in the nose, the vomeronasal organ (VNO). They are invisible and odourless and therefore work subconsciously. The word 'pheromone' comes from the Greek and means 'carrier of excitement'. Try it yourself and discover its unique effect. A couple of pumps are enough. For the best effect, apply the perfume to the neck or pulse. Only high quality pheromones, which have been recognized for a long time as 'sexual attractants', are used.


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